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Dishoom Full Movie Download 480p and 1080p [ Updated ]

Dishoom Full Movie Download 480p and 1080p : Dishoom is a brilliant action-comedy Bollywood film released in all theaters in 2016. It was produced by Sajid Nadiadwala or under the direction of Rohit Dhawan. It was written by Tushar Hiranani and Rohit Dhawan. Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez can be seen alongside Akshaye Khanna in the film's lead roles. Akshaye Khanna again stepped into acting world after 4 years. The film was released on July 29, 2016 in worldwide cinema.   

Dishoom Full Movie

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After the release of the film Dishoom in 2016, it has earned more than 150 crores from cinema worldwide. Here you will see Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead roles. Directed by Rohit Dhawan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Also, Akshaye Khanna will be seen playing opposite role in the film. You read about Neha because this all are best celebrity. 

Dishoom Official Trailer :

Dishoom Full Movie Download 480p and 1080p : 

Cast Of The Movie

John Abraham 
Varun Dhawan 
Jacqueline Fernandez 
Akshaye Khanna 
Rashmi Nigam

Saqib Saleem 
Tarun Khanna 
Rahul Dev 
Mir Sarwar 

About the soundtracks

The song of the film was sung by Dishoom Pritam while the song is written by Mayur Puri, lyrics by Kumar or Ashish Pandit. The music album was released on July 15, 2016, with T-Series also taking its rights.   

Where was Dishoom Full Movie filmed ?

Morocco - 

In 2015, the shooting of the film started from Mehboob Studios, after which the shooting location was chosen Morocco. Eros Now has also uploaded a video during the shooting of the film in Morocco on its YouTube channel.   

Abu Dhabi -

The most prominent part of the film was shot in Abu Dhabi. The film ran for 26 days from January to March 2016 at 26 locations in the UAE capital. The film was also shot in some foreign locations. A shoot was done inside the park Ferrari World which was done at night with a high-speed motorcycle. 
A major action scene of the film was shot in Abu Dhabi. Here actors Varun Dhawan and John Abraham were chased by two helicopters without a stunt. It is also believed that this scene is the longest chase scene of Bollywood so far. Here trained fighters are taken so that all the scenes can be done easily.

Some of the different scenes shot in Abu Dhabi where a car was driven into the sea of Reem Island, where a diver was sent with a towing device to retrieve the car as soon as the stunt was completed. A jet ski action scene. Yas was shot in the waterworld, and a more rapid boat chase was filmed in the sea away from Abu Dhabi Cornish.  

How to Dishoom Full Movie Download 480p and 1080p : 

Dishoom Full Movie Summary :

The film Dishoom is the story of two Indian spies. In this, these spies are sent to Abu Dhabi due to a mission due to the sudden disappearance of an Indian batsman. Here John Abraham and Varun Dhawan begin their 36-hour quest to bring the batsman back before a match. The journey is full of shocking twists that keep you tied to the end.   

Some Review : 

1. Slapstick but good fun is seen here in Dishoom. In this, actors Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jackie Fernandes entertain well. Akshay Kumar's small guest role was also very good. Views of Abu Dhabi will also be seen here.  

In the film Dishoom, betting of cricket matches and match fixing also looks well. How much it realistically explained but something may be true.

Dishoom film is not an intellectual or art film of any kind. It can be seen for some fun or entertainment. 

2. Dishoom describes this lighthearted action or comedy with an entertainment. You can watch it to make your weekend more fun. The acting is not the greatest but seeing the vibrancy in the film, it is very good. John's characterization of the characterless police officer well done. He can be seen with an expression throughout the film.

Varun will be seen bringing energy in this film. Most of his films were criticized for his performances. But in the film, if he does not enjoy energy and fun from his acting, you would have probably liked it. Dishoom will make you laugh with it being a light-hearted film.

3. I am lucky because my favorite actor and actress appears in the film. Also my favorite director and producer. I am a big fan of Varun Dhawan. I liked where the simple and interesting story was seen very lightly. Hopefully AC film will come forward. It will be eagerly awaited. 

4. The music and swag shown in the film is fantastic but no much action and comedy was seen here. This film fascinates it due to its music and the locations it depicts. But it might not be as much fun. However, you can enjoy it by watching it for a little entertainment.

5. The story of the film is good but I did not like the acting. John and Varun's acting was KM Jaan. On the one hand, Varun was seen doing comedy in the film, on the other hand John was seen in the fight scene which was not much special. Did not get to see as much fun as expected.

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