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Genius (2018) - Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

Genius Full Movie Watch Online : Friends, all of you must have entertained by watching Bollywood or Hollywood movies. Today we brought Genius, a film full of Action or Adventure which was released in all the cinemas in 2018. After the release, it performed brilliantly which was appreciated by each and every bale, thus earning a good collection at the box office.

Many people regular search on google and youtube for genius hindi movie download and genius full movie watch online free.  

Genius Full Movie

Works with an orphaned RAW with a brilliant mind, he is now murdered by all of Tim's people whose burden is on his head. In this situation he does not spend any time with his love in peace. It also hates good planning ahead. 

Genius can easily watch the film by subscribing to it on Netflix. In this, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mithun Chakraborty can also be seen acting. It is considered a great mystery or adventure film.  

Genius Full Movie Watch Online, Cast, Review, Story : 

Movie Cast : 

Director: Anil Sharma.
Writing Credits: Anil Sharma, Sunil Sirvaiya, Amjad Ali. 
Producer: Harsh Dave, Deepak Mukut, Yashasvi Pandey, Sunil Sharma.
Music director: Himesh Reshammiya, Monty Sharma.
Acting: Ishita Chauhan, Utkarsh Sharma, Mithun Chakraborty, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Ayesha Jhulka.

About Movie : 

Certificate - U/A (INDIA).
Release Date - 24 August 2018.
Run Time - 2 HOURS 45 MINUTES.
Budget - ₹ 22 CRORES.
Language - Hindi.
Genre - Action, Thriller.

Story of Genius Full Movie :

Friends, the film begins with Vasudev Shastri the lead actor who was a great Raw agent. He is said to be incompetent due to failing badly in an important mission. Now, with the love of his life, he sits in the park with a sad heart. 

Considering Nandini, who is his college love, now the film goes into a flashback where Vasudev Shastri is also a topper as a charming man. Vasudev and Nandini Chauhan are the second rankers in the first place in IITs.

Nandini tries to stop him but is unsuccessful. While he is a "genius" on campus, he uses his hacking talents secretly for Raw, he also secretly works a part-time job for Raw. The day before the final exam, Nandini goes to him and asks for help to understand a theorem. Here Nandini expresses her love and thus gives sleeping pills to Vasu to prevent him from going to the exam the next day.

This time too Vasu fails his intentions and reaches the examination hall even earlier than that. Even after all this Vasu does not get angry at him even a little. Apart from this, he also helps her and runs out after finishing the paper. 

Now on the day of results, Nandini learns that even after knowing everything in the examination hall, Vasu did not write anything in the paper so that he could get first place.    

In this way Nandini is also in love seeing Vasu's love. Nandini does not show her love and goes to America for a dream job. On the other hand, considering the intelligence of Vasu as good, senior members of RAW offer him to join RAW forever. Now Vasu learns that his parents were killed in the riots by Pakistan's ISI. Now Vasu decides to join Raw to get his revenge.

Now the film returns to the present. After Vasu is unsuccessful after the mission, Raw disables him. He is now affected by several injuries or walks with the use of a stick. After Nandini comes to know, she returns to India and takes long leave from job to take good care of Vasu.

Now Nandini takes Vasu to his Puducherry Bale. Mother felt very happy to know Vasu's sacrifice for Nandini here. Due to the unsuccessful mission, Vasu and Nandini get romantic in romantic turns.

Nandini asks her to take him to USA to get Vasu treated. But Vasu refutes his point, stating that he was released in India to track all ISI's masterminds or MRS. It was later revealed that Vasu had hallucinations. 

He was keeping an eye on each enemy and killing all those who were helping MRS. Now the plan is made by MRS to summon Vasu to the party.

Here Vasu gets injured while saving himself. Nandini is sad to see Vasu's condition. Now MRS takes advantage of this opportunity to kidnap Nandini. Vasu discovers Nandini with the help of Raw and finally kills MRS. Nandini or Vasu meet at the end of the film. The film ends on this side.        

How to Genius Full Movie Watch Online :

You can watch Genius Full Movie on ZEE5, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc. Official sites and Apps. 

Disclaimer : The information we tell in this article only gives information and education to the people. We always talk about Legal Sites or Apps.  

Audience Review : 

1. Reviewers believe that the film is of very short duration. If we talk about the acting of the film, then with all the talent, it gave good entertainment. In this, love for the country with a woman and great songs make the heart happy.

2. I think this is a great film in itself. In which the meaning of love is depicted in a very great way that reflects real love.  

We hope you have got all information related to genius movie watch online and as well as genius full movie online watch free. If you got good details, then please tell us by commenting below.

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