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Ishq Kills (2014) - All Hindi Episode

Friends continue to release series on the online platform which is seen in different categories. This post has a season in 2014 Ishq Kills which is a drama and a story about Romance Bali. This online platform can be seen on hotstar. To know some more things related to this, read this post completely till the end.

Many people keep searching on google online as ishq kills ullu full episode watch online and ishq kills episode. Must read the post till the end for complete information.   

ishq kills episode

Ishq Kills Episode, Cast, Review, Story :

Creative director: Rishi Srivastava.
Director: Vishal Mahadkar.
Music Composer: Shadaab-Abhik.
Star Cast : Kurush Deboo, Vikram Bhatt, Krishanu Rathore, Rudra and Rajveer Singh.

About Ishq Kills Web Series :

Release Date: 2014. 
Language: English, Hindi.
Genre: Crime , Drama , Romance , Thriller.

Story Chapter 1 :

This story is based on a true incident. Shaina, a successful vice president in a cosmetics company, falls in love with her junior colleague Rajveer. They fall in love when Rajveer saves Shaina from the goons. Further the physical relationship between the two also started happening Now where does Shaina go through Rajveer's wife that she knows all about the affair. Now look at all the episodes once for Rajveer kya kar kare and story.                

All Episodes - 

E01 - Shaina & Rajveer's story.
E02 - Raj and Mahi's murderous love.
E03 - An employer, a maid and blackmail.
E04 - A powerful man, a scorned wife.
E05 - Man pushes wife into prostitution.
E06 - Shaina & Rajveer's story.
E07 - A romance, incest and murder.
E08 - A sad marriage, a tragic affair.
E09 - An employer, a maid and blackmail.
E10 - Sameer decides to get killed.
E11 - Raj and Mahi's murderous love.
E12 - Fatal attraction.
E13 - Kavita's revenge.

How to ishq kills web series online watch :

Where to Watch Ishq Kills Episodes ? You can watch online in HD on Hotstar.

Diclaimer : We (motivatetips team) do not tell about any illegal sites or apps. Through this article, we provide information and education to the people.

Audience Review : 

1. This is a better show as a true event. All its episodes depict a good story. Many love stories are seen in this form. Some criminal aspects are also seen in this.    

2. It is in the form of a love story that teaches us what to do in such a situation. 

3. Young people liked it very much. I would like to see it again.  

4. It touches the heart in the form of love story. This story gives a completely new look. 

5. I loved this great episode. We should say thanks to Vikram Bhatt.  

We hope you got to know the things related to ishq kills ullu web series episode from here. If you get the benefit, then comment below and provide enthusiasm. See you next with a new post.

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